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Upcycling Your Candle Jars - 3 Creative Ways!

If you're like most people, you probably have a few leftover candle jars hanging around your house. And if you're like most people, you're probably not sure what to do with them! Well, never fear - we're here to help. In this post, we'll show you three creative ways to upcycle your old candle jars.

1. Make a Vase One of the simplest and most elegant ways to upcycle a candle jar is to turn it into a vase. All you need is a candle jar, and some flowers! Fill the jar with water and arrange your flowers however you like. That's it - you're done! Now you have a beautiful vase that's perfect for any room in your house.

2. Make a Bathroom Storage Container This is a great way to upcycle an old candle jar if you need some extra organisation in your bathroom. All you need is a small jar and whatever bathroom items you want to store in it (q-tips, cotton balls, etc.). Fill the jar with that item and put on the lid. That's it - your new storage container is ready to use!

3. DIY Pencil Holder This is a great way to upcycle an old candle jar if you need somewhere to put your pens and pencils! All you need is a small or medium-sized jar, fill the jar with pens and pencils and that's it - your new pencil holder is ready to use!

We hope these three ideas have inspired you to upcycle your old candle jars! If you try one of these methods, be sure to share a photo of your finished product with us on social media - we'd love to see what you create!

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